White Art Studio approaches donor walls as art. We listen to what is important to you and your community and incorporate these concepts visually or conceptually in a site-specific work of art. We can work with almost any material or process and provide indoor or outdoor donor walls and other ways of honoring donor funded projects and spaces.


WHITE ART STUDIO handles every aspect of your donor project. We brainstorm with your team, research, conceive, design and 3-D render the project to engage current and future donors. Once the project is approved we handle the project managment, production, shipping and installation of the work in the desired space. 


We have found that our contemporary aesthetic, enthusiasm, creativity, innovation, and pride in the quality of the art work we produce, defines the type of amazing clients we have the pleasure to provide a work of art.

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Darin and Shannon White, Genography

Genography  Wood, paint 144"L x 48"H 2014 Arts KC, Kansas City, MO (Photo Credit Rivas Media Photography) Permanent public art commission by White Art Studio for Arts KC, Regional Arts Counsel, "Move to the Crossroads" campaign.  White Art Studio reimagined the donor names as art. The work approached from the front is abstract with strata of color. When the viewer becomes more intimate the names are read from the side. www.whiteartstudio.com ©2015 WHITEARTSTUDIO  All Rights Reserved

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