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Stainless steel (LED lights) 
89"H x 24.5" Diameter

SOUNDSHAPES II explores ideas of translating light and sound waves through multi-sensory engagement. With the Sound Shape Series, the artists incorporate
3-D sculpture elements with soundwave shapes cut out of the metal that are both crowd sourced and intuited. The interactive collaboration with the public is based on their mission to create illuminating experiences for and about the community. The negative forms perforate the metal and allow the light to project through them during the day or night.
Installed for 2016-2017
U.S. Bank, 9th and Massachusetts Street Lawrence, Kansas  
28th Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition May 2016-April 2017


Installed for 2017-2018 Salina, Kansas

Sculpture Tour Salina
May 2017- April 2018



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