White Art Studio creates artwork for commercial spaces including sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing and installation. Contact us to start a conversation about having us make some work for you. 


Our affilated company HAVA studios Collaborates on Creative Projects™. They design, consult, produce and project manage, and curate artwork for many types of clients with conceptual asthetics and processes in mind.  A list of projects they have produced and consulted includes government, military, Fortune 500, local and regional small businesses and overseas clientelle. 

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GREEN WAVE™ is an energy efficient LED light and soundscape installation by which asks the scientific question “Can You Hear the Color Green?” with the visual form inspired by sound waves from the Kansas River projected onto the Bowersock Hydroelectric Mill for the Lawrence Arts Center's Free State Festival. The forms and color correspond to the architecture and function of the site and highlight the currency of creativity and collaboration. Lawrence, Kansas