Public Art makes art accessible to everyone regardless of age, demographic, gender, religion or race.  Our approach to public art is to have the concepts and ideas be as important as the aethetics of the piece in the location. Our desire is to produce top level artwork that draws the viewer aesthetically as well as challenges the viewer to engage in the entire conversation. We enjoy creating our own pieces and also collaborating with one another to design and execute compelling works of art for all who choose to view. 

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GREEN WAVE™ 2015 LED Lighting 60 x 125 x 1 feet GREEN WAVE™ is an energy efficient LED light and soundscape installation by which asks the scientific question “Can You Hear the Color Green?” with the visual form inspired by sound waves from the Kansas River projected onto the Bowersock Power Company for the Lawrence Arts Center's Free State Festival. The forms and color correspond to the architecture and function of the site and highlight the currency of creativity and collaboration.